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soulology of tamils vs american psychologyCreation vs evolution theoryWorld first language

soulology of tamils vs american psychology

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Creation vs evolution theory

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Truth is One

              It is true that ‘God belongs to all’, it has been a common occurrence in human history to divide and enslave people, in the name of religion.  Hence, it is the duty of the Children of God to liberate the society from forces, that enslave them, in the name of religion. 

 Humans have experienced and praised the one and the same God in different names in different languages.  Therefore, though there are many religions, researches in the recent times have made it clear that in reality all of them talk about the same truth. Dr. M. Deivanayagam in his doctoral research titled ‘Comparative study of Bible, Thirukkural and Saiva Siddhantha’  has shown with literary, philosophical and historical  evidences that different religions have basically explained the same God in different names.

Liberation Ministry

               It is natural that the commandments and the ministries given to the ministers of God are  diverse in nature.  In that respect, the commandment that,

 God has given to Dr. M. Deivanayagam

 is spiritual liberation coupled with the racial one. In 1979,  God has revealed His plan clearly to him thus,

                        “I am going to give new life to Tamils/Dravidians.

                        I am going to  use you as an instrument

                       for implementing it. Write this down.”

Since he has committed to writing verbatim this revelation of God, one could see it in black and white even today.

               Since the liberation of the Tamils is a clear revelation of God to him, he is continuously involved in the liberation of the Tamils.  He is revealing the high spiritual thoughts of the Tamils to the world to the best of his ability.  Thirukkural is one of the ancient Tamil literatures that reveals crystal clearly the noble thoughts of the Tamils.  The world of research knows very well that Dr. Deivanayagam was the first one to prove through research that this piece is a St.Thomas Tamil Christian literature based on the thoughts of the spiritual thoughts of the Tamils. On the basis of Thirukkural, Saivism and Vaishnavism, denominations of St.Thomas Tamil Christianity developed. Soulology of the Tamils is the crown of the spiritual thoughts of the Tamils. It scientically and logically explains the basic rudiments of the religions of the world such as body, spirit, soul, God and egotism. It puts an end to religious and communal conflicts, terrorism and extremism. It brings brotherhood and unity in the world society.

Science and Religion:

“Science without religion is Lame;

Religion without science is blind.”

says Einstein. According to him, Religion without Science and Science without Religion are imperfect.

Scientific and logical analysis in understanding the essence of religions of the world is highly indispensable.

 ‘Soulology’ – The study on ‘Soul’:

So far, in the world, at large, it is widely accepted that

1). The study that pertains to material body is known as ‘Science’.

 2). The study that pertains to life is known as ‘Philosophy’ and

3). The study that pertains to God is known as ‘Theology’.

 All these three dimensions will not be meaningful unless and until a study on ‘Soul’, the root cause for the sixth sense of human being who formed the said three thoughts, is developed.

 4). The study that pertains to Soul is known as ‘Soulology’.

All the living beings from one sense to five senses have two entities alone i.e., Body and Life, but human beings alone have third entity called ‘Soul’ which differentiates human beings from other creatures. The study on ‘soul’, cause of the sixth sense, is known as ‘Soulology’.


            In order to liberate the Tamils from the clutches of Aryan Brahmanical Caste discriminating principles, he had to strive against Sankara Mutts, which are the fountainheads of Aryan Brahmins’ racism and casteism. The details are found in the book ‘A Challenge to Sankara Mutt’

            What was the result of his struggle with the brahminical forces?   He lost his younger son,  who was a lawyer in the Chennai High Court,  on 28.06.1998, due to the conspiracy of those thinkers who were against !   In spite of it,  he is continuing, by God’s grace, the good fight without losing heart.   God is blessing him to continue this ministry with a great vigour and power, in the midst of innumerable sufferings.

Liberation is sure:

            Since the liberation of the Tamils is a revelation and command from God, he is conducting continuous and regular training programmes, seminars and conferences with a view to bring liberation to the Tamils and to unity and brotherhood in the world society.   Since the liberation of the Tamils is a God’s command, attaining liberation is sure and certain.

Among new findings and concepts of Dr. Deivanayagam, few are given as follows:


God is different;

Religion is different.

God unites;

Religion divides.

‘Soulology of the Tamils’ helps us to

understand God Scientifically and Logically.

‘Soulology of the Tamils’ helps us to

gain the ‘Divine Experience’.


Hunam Nature  –  Rendering good for good;

Animal Nature  –  Returning evil for evil;

Satanic Nature  –  Returning evil for good;

Divine Nature   –  Rendering good for evil.


One’s actions are based on one’s Thoughts;

One’s thoughts are based on one’s Beliefs;

One’s beliefs are based on one’s Principles;

One’s principles are based on one’s Religion;


Hinduism is different;

Hindu Religion is different.

Hinduism refers to the principles of Law of Manu i.e., Racial and Caste Discriminating principles of the Aryan Brahmins;

Hindu Religion refers to Saivism and Vaishnavism (Religion of the Tamils).


Casteism is not a part and parcel of Indian culture.

Casteism was devised by the Aryan Brahmins after 7th c.A.D.

– comp. by  Dr. D. Devakala.




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