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Conference Statement

 Date : 19 May 2012, Saturday.                                           

Place:  Periyar Thidal, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008.

To the Kind Attention of the Self – Esteem Tamils:

 Foreign Invaders:

 India got its independence in 1947. Subsequently reorganization of States took place on linguistic lines in 1956. Since then, each State in India is ruled by people of the respective linguistic group. But, unlike other states, Tamilnadu alone is not ruled continually by the Tamils but by others.            

 The reason behind this issue is due to the invasion by various strangers on Tamils, the living places and the houses of the Tamils were captured. Not only did they degrade, oppress and enslave the Tamils but also continued to reside on the Tamil land to continue their aggression.

The Caste Seal – a Yardstick:

 The invaders have divided the Tamil community into three major divisions.

1.     Those who fought against the invaders and got defeated in the battles were oppressed, degraded and branded as lowest caste in the society.

2.     Those who did not resist the invaders were made backward caste.

3.     Those who received and worked in accord with the wishes of the invaders were made forward caste.

The above three groups were further divided into sub-groups as lower castes and higher castes depending on the magnitude of their resistance / support. They were further divided into sub-groups depending on the degree of their support to the invaders.  Thus, the casteless Tamil community was sub-divided and segregated into sub-castes, and as a result, an unfortunate situation of identifying the Tamils through caste identity prevails even today.

 The Kinship – Reservation:

Presently the term “caste” has become an identity of each one’s kinfolk. Reservation rights are given to the castes depending on the magnitude of degradation and humiliation they suffered at the hands of the invaders. Hence, the phrase “Caste eradication” becomes impracticable since it is construed as if exterminating kinfolks and putting an end to reservation.

 Eradicating the Mindset:

 General usage of the phrase “Caste eradication” is in fact referring to the mindset of eradicating ‘caste discrimination’ implanted by the invaders. So, with the intention of not inviting any troubles for the kinfolk, it becomes necessary to promote practically viable idea of eradicating the mindset of caste discrimination.

Defeating the Conspiracy –– Invaders should not be allowed to rule the Tamils:

 1.     The activities like dividing Tamils into various groups, classifying those groups in terms of castes and then discriminating the people based on the caste seal were the results of the plots of those foreign invaders, against to the Tamil community.

  1. Unless the well fabricated and executed conspiracy is defeated, unity among the Tamils cannot be built – up.
  2. Unless the unity among the Tamils is built up, the yoke of the slavery of the Tamils cannot be unfastened. 
  3. Unless the yoke of the slavery of the Tamils is unfastened, Tamils cannot rule Tamilnadu.
  4. Unless the Tamils rules Tamilnadu, the wretchedness of the Tamils will continue as slaves of Independent India.

Thererefore, non-Tamils can live in Tamilnadu; but they should not think of subjugating and ruling over the Tamils. Hence, it becomes indispensable to eradicate the mindset of caste discrimination from the Tamils to bring unity among the Tamils in order to rule Tamilnadu by the Tamils, like other States in the Independent India.  This is the prime motive of the forth coming “Conference on elimination of caste Discrimination.”                                                                                                                       

Prayer Demonstration  by ‘The Assembly of Wisdom on Soulology’

 (‘Aanmaviyal Gnana Sabai’):

Prayer demonstration, that combines both prayer and protesting demonstration i.e., offering prayer to God the Almighty and protesting demonstrations towards the non-Tamil rulers, is being conducted for the emancipation of the Tamils i.e.,conducting meetings expressing our protest against non Tamil rulers who rule Tamilnadu with prayer offerings to God.  

In order to achieve the prime motive of ruling  Tamilnadu by the Tamils, ‘The Assembly of Wisdom on Soulology’, the spiritual wing of the ‘Federation of All Self-Esteem Tamils’,  had started conducting prayer – demonstration by uniting people of all religions  under one umbrella, on 30 April 2011, just before the results of Tamilnadu Assembly election, with the permission of the Police department, by getting hold of  court direction.

Since then, the prayer – demonstration is being conducted on the 16th of every month between 11 am and 1 pm, particularly when a non-Tamil took the oath of office as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. This prayer- demonstration will be continued till a Tamil take the oath of office as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.  

Resolution on the Conference: 

 After the prayer-demonstration was conducted on 16 December 2011, in the consultation meeting held in the afternoon, in the presence of Shri. V.V. Swaminathan, Former Minister of Hindu Religious Endowment Board, Dr. Arugo., Poet Ramachandran, Janab Akbar, Fr. Amalraj,  Thiru Migu Sathyavel Muruganar, Pastor Lourdhusamy, Archakar S. Srinivasan (a Saivite Priest) and Dr. Devakala, it was resolved to conduct a ‘Conference on Elimination of Caste Discrimination’. Accordingly, the Conference will be held on 19 May 2012, Saturday,  at Periyar Thidal, Egmore, Chennai–8.

 An Awareness Campaign for the Conference:

To create an awareness among the Tamils about the ‘Conference on the Elimination of Caste Discrimination’, ‘Journey of creating an awareness’ is indispensable to conduct throughout Tamiladu. The campaign commenced at Chennai on 16 March 2012 after the prayer-demonstartion. After creating an awareness of this conference all over Tamilnadu, it ended at kanchipuram on 29 March 2012.

 Indispensable responsibility of the Self Esteem Tamils:

It is an indispensable responsibility of the Self- Esteem Tamils to give their supporting hands for the forth coming  “Conference on the Elimination of Caste Discrimination’ .

  •  Are you a Self – Esteem Tamil?
  • What is your role in the emancipation of the Tamils?
  • Please think over it and contact us.

 Prof.Dr.M.Deivanayagam M.A., Ph.D.,

Founder – Federation of the Self Esteem Tamils

278. Konnur High Road,

Ayanavaram, Chennai – 600 023.

Phone : + 91- 44-26743842; Cell: 9444817394; 9840003842


 How to identify the Self-Esteem Tamils?

 1.     The Soulology of the Tamils, that plays an indispensable role in bringing spiritual liberation to the world society, is in fact, devised by the Tamils and developed in – depth in Tamil language alone. It is a proven historical fact which is explained in the fourth part (IV) of this Statement. Hence, there is no doubt that Tamil race is a divine race and Tamil language is a divine language .

The Tamils and the Tamil language, which have such a glorious history, have been despised and degraded by the strangers. The strangers who despise “the Tamils as an ignominious race” and “the Tamil language as a disgraceful language” go around   Tamilnadu audaciously and continue to hurt the sentiments of the self esteem Tamils.

 2.     The government of Tamilnadu had enacted the law making it possible that eligible persons from all castes can become temple priests. Accordingly, it has enrolled students from all castes to undergo two-year priestly training classes and awarded certificates as “Priest” to the qualified students.

 But strangely in Tamilnadu, the strangers who are working as priests in the temples of the Religion of the Tamils, built by the Tamils, together with their henchmen, opposed this sincere effort and stopped appointing the trained priests from Tamil race. This happens because the spirituality of the Tamils has been enslaved by the strangers.

3. It is still haunting our mind that in Sri Lanka, the Tamils were massacred viciously and the temples of the Tamils were razed. It is regrettable that no religious heads from Tamilnadu has voiced over that ruthless act. This is because the spirituality of the Tamils is under the clutches of strangers and their henchmen.

 4. Since the Tamils were enslaved in the name of ‘spirituality’ / ‘God’, a movement for the liberation of the Tamils emerged in Tamilnadu on the basis of Atheistic principles. Hence, Self – Esteem Tamils who wanted to get rid of this enslavement became atheists.

 5. Another movement based on theistic principles emerged with the prime motive of liberating the people who were oppressed in the name of a particular religion, and hence, self – Esteem Tamils preferred religious conversion.

Because of these two movements, self-esteem Tamils have either changed their identity as atheists or undergone religious conversion. This is the reality of the situation of the Tamils today.

 The Strangers who are against to the Self – Esteem Tamils, their perpetrators and their plot:

Those strangers and their perpetrators who are against to the Tamils and Tamil language deploy a deeper conspiracy. With the malicious plan of keeping the Tamils under slavery forever and to annihilate them, they intentionally highlight Tamil language alone, but overshadow the Tamil race.

 If the Tamils get destroyed, the Tamil language that they speak will also face a natural death. Knowing this well, such perpetrators, instead of raising vain slogans like ‘Hail Tamils!’, and giving  priority to the development of the Tamils and their lives, continually harping ‘Hail Tamil!’, ‘Everywhere Tamil!’, ‘Tamil in All things!’ and through such ploys they deceive the Tamils and continue to destroy the Tamil language and Tamils.

 Strangely enough, a vast majority of the Tamils are not able to comprehend the ploy of such deceivers. They are like the tiny moth attracted by the radiance of a lamp and finally fall on it and die eventually. Likewise the Tamils are destroying their lives.

After the terrible genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, many of the Tamils are getting awareness.  As a result, those who make vain slogans such as ‘Hail Tamil!’, ‘Everywhere Tamil!’, and ‘Tamil in All things!’ get exposed, and in turn the self-esteem Tamils increase in number day by day.

 In this historical backdrop, we are able to identify clearly the Tamils, enemies of the Tamils and the perpetrators who betray the self-esteem Tamils. Since the Tamils are not aware of the long cherished heritage of the Soulology of the Tamils, the enemies of the Tamils continue to plot against the Tamils. Since these perpetrators are also the people with conscience, we can make them to realize their fault and in due course transform them through the Soulology of the Tamils.


 Is mere conducting a

Conference on the Elimination of Caste Discrimination, enough?

Will the caste discrimination, introduced by the strangers

among the Tamils get eliminated?

Will the Tamils get liberated and begin to ‘Rule Tamilnadu’?

 What are the plans to make this vision a reality?

 1)     A.) This first conference is an initial step toward creating an awareness among the Tamils. The conference will bring to light the manoeuvres of the strangers and illumine the historical truths, especially the imaginary principle of caste discrimination, the ploy of the strangers that was imposed upon the Tamils to devastate the unity among the Tamils. The arrogant feeling of being a “high caste” and the docile feeling of being a “low caste” is being certainly dismantled.  Therefore, there won’t be any obstacle in achieving the unity of the Tamils. The arrogance and indifference that were thrust upon the Tamils by the strangers will disappear and without any doubt, unity will blossom steadily among the Tamils. To achieve this purpose, ‘Groups of committed workers’ beyond caste, religion and politics, are appointed at the district levels.

 Thus far, the uniqueness of Tamil language and the distinctive identity of the Tamils were neglected and overlooked. Presently, those hidden truths are unveiled and brought to light. It is the known fact that ‘Spirituality guides Politics’. Accordingly, the Soulology of the Tamils, the crown of Spirituality, unveils the worldly renowned heritage of the Tamils and Tamil language.  This truth is being taken to the world in an earnest manner.

 b) The proposed ‘Conference on the Elimination of Caste discrimination’ is a good opening to make the Tamils to think in this direction. Hereafter, unlike the past, the Tamils will begin to think of their historical legacy, the reasons for their downfall  seriously, their responsibility and will decide to whom they should cast their votes in the ensuing elections.

 c) Hereafter, it will put an end to the issue of political parties headed by self-esteem Tamil leaders trying to have an alliance with the political parties headed by the non – Tamils, for the sake of election expenditure, and for some high positions in the government, which in turn pave way for the Non – Tamils to get the ruling power over the Tamils.  Moreover, the organizing forum whole heartedly takes up the responsibility, of putting an end to the habit of selling their franchise and casting their votes to the non-Tamils for the sake of monetary benefits.

 2. a) The Second Conference will be held just two months ahead of the forthcoming 2014 Parliament election. That conference would certainly enhance the awareness of the Tamils.  And it be will monitored that the votes of the Tamils are not scattered during this general election.

b) This Federation will strive for the success of the allied Political Parties headed by the Tamils, wholeheartedly.

c) And it is believed that the 2014 parliament election results will certainly reflect the awareness of the Tamils. The voices that reflect the sufferings and miseries of the Tamils will be raised in the parliament. This will also create an awareness among the people of other states as well.

3. a) The Third Conference will be held two months ahead of the forthcoming Assembly election in Tamilnadu in 2016. This conference will put the finishing touches to the awareness of the Tamils to the maximum. 

 b) The Federation will involve itself in the 2016 Assembly election more vigorously than in the 2014 Parliament election because a conducive atmosphere will prevail in Tamilnadu at that time. The parties headed by the Tamils will harvest all the votes of the Tamils.

c) The ministry that would be constituted in Tamilnadu after the 2016 Assembly election would be headed by a Tamil. The slavery perpetuated by the strangers will become extinct completely. And the Tamils will be revived.

d) The Soulology of the Tamils will spread throughout the world and world community will attain spiritual liberation, which in turn pave the way for creating a ‘One World Democratic Rule’ in which all the people will live in ‘Harmony’, ‘Love’, and ‘Peace’. The Soulology of the Tamils will enhance the world society to achieve ‘Spiritual Communism’. ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ will blossom in the world. Each and every one will become the ‘Temple of God’. ‘Love’ and ‘Peace’ will prevail in the whole world. 

   PART –  IV


‘The Soulology of the Tamils paves the way for the Spiritual Liberation of the World Community’ – How?

 The Preliminary Question on Soulology:

What is the difference between a human and an ox?

 A human being has a body so is an ox. Human has life so is an ox has. Human has five senses such as body, mouth, nose, eye and ear so has the ox all the five senses. Because of these similarities, can we say that both Man and an Ox are the same? No, not at all! Why?

 The Sixth Sense

 Human has the sixth sense that the ox doesn’t have. It is this sixth sense that helps human being to reign over the ox and other creatures. What is the organ of this sixth sense? If someone asks, whether anyone can pinpoint that organ? Only a very few can give a clear and detailed answer.

 We don’t have a specific organ for the sixth sense in our body. As the life of a person is not in the body as an organ, so also the source of the sixth sense is not in the body as an organ. As we are able to differentiate the body with life and the body without having life, so also we can differentiate the human  being who has the sixth sense and the ox which doesn’t have the sixth sense.


 Soul is the source of the sixth sense. A human being has three entities such as body, life, and soul; whereas the ox and other living beings have only two entities such as body and life.  Hence, Soul, cause of the sixth sense, differentiates man from ox. The study on Soul, that differentiates the human beings from other creatures, is known as Soulology.

 The study on the body is known as Science;

The study on the life is known as Philosophy and

The study on soul is known as Soulology.

Among the languages of the world the Soulology is significantly and deeply found in Tamil alone. 

 Son of God:

The human soul is a part of God who rules the Universe. So, human being also has a part in the Sovereignty of God. As a result, human beings rule over the rest of the creatures. Hence, human soul is known as an Individual Soul and God’s soul is known as Universal Soul.  Since a human being is a part of God, he is like God’s son and becomes the inheritor of God’s blessings and shares His bliss.  However, egotism prevents the human being from relinquishing the relationship of God. Thus, he experiences suffering in his life. It is a known fact that ‘Terrorism is the outcome of egotism’.

The basic rudiments of the world religions are the following five entities:

1.Body; 2. Life; 3. Soul; 4. God, and 5. Egotism. These five can be elucidated further as         

1. Individual body, 2. Universal body, 3. Individual life, 4. Universal life, 5. Individual Soul 6. Universal Soul and 7. Egotism.

 The Science of Sixth Sense:

 These seven entities are explained in Soulology, the study on Soul. Unlike the religious principles which are based on faith, these rudiments are explained scientifically. Thus, Soulology can explain God through Science, which is of Sixth Sense.

 Soulology found in Tamil alone:

 Soulology which is not found in other languages of the world is explained in Tamil alone through Tamil grammar. Classical Tamil grammar divides all beings, animate and inanimate into two categories namely ‘Uyarthinai’ (nouns of superior generic class i.e., living being with ‘Soul’ – human being) and ‘Agrinai’ (nouns of inferior generic class i.e., animate and inanimate – without soul)). Thus, interestingly the distinguishing factor used here is the soul; those endowed with souls (human only) belong to ‘Vuyarthinai’ (higher category) and the rest fall in the ‘Agrinai’ (inferior category). This kind of distinction based on ‘Soul’ is unique to Tamil culture and Tamil language.

 Likewise, experiencing God is grammatically explained in Tamil.

In ‘Agapporulh’ (Subjective sense), Individual soul experiencing supreme bliss with Universal Soul (God) is explained beautifully in Tamil.

(1) Subjective Sense that relates to the theme of human love / divine love (‘Agap porulh’), which cannot be enunciated to others but only be experienced.

(2) Objective Sense that relates to the theme of war, bravery etc., (‘Purap porulh’), can be enunciated to others.

Thus, Systematic grammatical explanation for ‘Porulh’ i.e., theme or subject matter that pertains to the lifestyle of the people had been grammatically classified as Subjective Sense (‘Agap porulh’) and Objective Sense (‘Purap porulh’) in Tamil alone.

 “Love” and ‘Sivam’  are treated as two  different entities by the ignorant, On the contrary, both ‘Love’ and  ‘Sivam’ are one and the same.  Sivagnanapotham , “The Teachings on Wisdom of Love” [ Siva – Love,  Gnana – Wisdom,  Potham – Teaching] is the only unique book, that teaches Love of  God based on Wisdom related to sixth sense. This is the Unique book of Soulology that explains Soulology scientifically through Tamil grammar, in the form of Aphorism. Soulology of the Tamils paves the way for the spiritual  liberation of the world community.

 The Slavery due to Egotism:

  The Tamils which has such distinguished traits has been enslaved by the strangers for the past one thousand years, has almost lost its unique traits and is at the verge of loosing its identity. When the Tamils in Sri Lanka were being massacred, the Tamils of Tamilnadu,  were unable to stop their obliteration despite the desperate efforts. The reason was that the Tamils are being entwined by the tendency of egotism.

 The Tamils that are being extinguished:

 Hence, to stop the extinction of the Tamils, Tamil language, Tamil culture, Religion and Soulology of the Tamils, and to safeguard them, it is indispensable to eradicate the egotism that breeds caste discrimination.

  Strangers should not think of repressing and ruling the Tamils:

 After India gained independence, reorganization of states took place on linguistic grounds. Accordingly, other states in India have been ruled by the leaders of whose mother tongue was their respective languages. Unfortunately, Tamilnadu alone is being ruled by strangers for many years. This reveals the oppressed status of the Tamils. Hence, “Non-Tamils can live in Tamilnadu; but should not think of ruling over the Tamils.”

 Intercessory Prayer and Prayer-Demonstration:

 To make the goal that Tamilnadu should be ruled by the Tamils and to spread the Soulology of the Tamils to the world community, the Assembly of Wisdom on Soulology (Aanmaviyal Gnana Sabai) , the spiritual wing of ‘The Federation of the Self-Esteem Tamils’ unites people from all religious folds and conducts intercessory prayer meetings on every Sunday between 5 pm and 7 pm. Moreover, it also organizes Prayer-Demonstration on the 16th of every month from 11 am and 1 pm, near Panagal Park, Saidapet, Chennai, with the permission of the police department.

 Emancipation of the Tamils is already resolved by God:

The emancipation of the Tamils is indispensable for spreading the Soulology of the Tamils throughout the world. The liberation of the Tamils is already resolved by God and no one can prevent this decision of God. At the same time, all of us who aspire the emancipation of the Tamils should participate in the intercessory prayer meetings and prayer-demonstrations transcending caste, religion/creed and political affiliations. We hereby sincerely invite you to actively get involved in these efforts whole heartedly.

This is the liberating process of the Soulology of the Tamils.

 Prof. Dr. M. Deivanayagam,

Founder, The Federation of the Self-Esteem Tamils,

278, Konnur High Road,

Ayanpuram, Chennai-600 023.

Telephone: 044-2674 3842; Cell: 94448 17394; 98400 03842.

Email: tamilarsamayam2010@gmail.com

Website: http://www.soulologyofthetamils.com



Tamil nadu should be ruled by the Tamils alone