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‘Tamilnadu should be ruled by the Tamils alone’

‘Tamilnadu should be ruled by the Tamils alone’




Is this demand Fair?                                                Does it comply with the Indian sovereignty?


Indian sovereignty

India got it’s  independence from the British in 1947,thus ending British rule in India.Subsequently, India was divided into states.Reorganization of States took place on linguistic line in 1956. States are being ruled by the native people whose mother tongue is the language of the state. This is the practice being followed till today. And hence the Indian Sovereignty exists as a system combining both central ministry and the state ministries.

‘Tamilnadu should only be ruled by the Tamils’  as  ‘India should only be ruled by Indians’ is the fair right given by the Indian Sovereignty to the Tamils.

 The Strangers and the Slaves:

And such being the case, it reveals that,   people who voice the demand

 ‘Tamil Nadu should only be ruled by the Tamils’  is against the Indian sovereignty’,

 are strangers and their supporters who think as slaves in line with the strangers, who live in Tamilnadu, and who think against the Tamils.

 The strangers who invaded Tamil Nadu before the British have settled down permanently with all the possessions and comforts plundered from the Tamils.

With the independence of India we have sent the British from the Indian soil.  But those non – Tamils, who invaded and ruled Tamil Nadu by suppressing and oppressing the Tamils before the British rule,  have settled in Tamil Nadu itself permanently.  In this circumstance, a situation has risen that the non-Tamils  are ruling the Tamils. Furthermore, these strangers and their supporters who think as slaves in line with the strangers, are also creating an illusion that the demand that ‘Tamil Nadu should only be ruled by Tamils’ is against the Indian sovereignty.

Slavery thinkers are to be condemned:

When Ms.Sonia Gandhi was selected to be the Prime Minister of India, opposing voices from various levels were raised stating that,

‘A foreigner should not rule India but should be ruled only by the Indians’;

Under such circumstances, Ms. Sonia Gandhi took over the leadership of the party and had given up the ruling authority as the Prime Minister of India and handed it over to an Indian. Similarly the non-Tamils who head a political party in Tamil Nadu must follow the same process by taking over the party leadership and letting a Tamilian to rule over Tamil Nadu. It would be of no doubt that those who do not accept the above demand, would be strangers who desire to bind the Tamils to slavery and obliterate them. In such a party there will not be and never be Self- Esteem Tamils. And it is also of no doubt that those slaves who find pleasure in remaining as a slave to the leadership of the strangers must also be condemned.

India being a country of diverse states and of diverse languages, if Tamils have been made ministers in some other states, the people of those states can also be made ministers in Tamil Nadu in accordance with the same proportion. The Tamils have not thought of this coherent process till date and hence the Tamil community is being deteriorated by the strangers.

Tamil Race – Tamil Language – Tamil Culture – Religion of the Tamils:

It is the need of the hour to raise the voice demanding,

‘Tamilnadu should  be ruled by the Tamils alone’

to rescue the Tamil Race – Tamil Language – Tamil Culture  and the Religion of the Tamils from their extinction.

The case of a non-Tamil ruling the Tamil community will lead to the disgrace and finally obliteration of the Tamil community.

The History of Struggle:

It became obligatory to think in this line due to the genocide against the Tamils in Srilanka.  Though the Tamils tried their level best to stop the genocide in Srilanka, they couldn’t put an end to this ruthless, horrific operation.   The reason behind this is because of the political parties, which aligned under the leadership of the strangers who put a mask as if they had a great burden for the Tamils. None of the  Parliament Members irrespective of the party had resigned as declared by their political heads. The world knows that the treacherous play of the political parties of Tamilnadu is the main reason behind the obliteration of the Tamil community in Srilanka.

In this circumstance the  ‘Federation of All Self –  Esteem Tamils’ planned to execute  the following proposals.

1). Firstly, during the  legislative assembly election of Tamil Nadu conducted in 2011, a Spiritual Team of seven members travelled throughout Tamilnadu,  involving in  an election campaign  in support of the 46 candidates out of the 234, irrespective of their parties and alliance,  who got arrested like us, voiced for the issue of the Tamils in  Srilanka.

2). Secondly, after the assembly election and before the election results were announced ,  on 30-04-2011, an agitation was conducted with the court order with the motto ‘Tamilnadu  should be ruled by the Tamils alone’.

3).Thirdly, when our requests placed through our letters were rejected, and a non-Tamil took the office of Oath as Chief Minister  of Tamilnadu on 16-05-2011 between 12 noon and 1 pm,   we were arrested when we tried to  conduct a rally of ‘Silent Prayer of the Religion of the Tamils’ to express our disappointment.

And such prayer – demonstration will be continuing on 16th of every month between 12 noon and 1 pm, exactly the same date and time, in which a non-Tamil took the office of Oath as Chief Minister  of Tamil Nadu. It will continue until a Tamilian becomes the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

What is the need of Prayer –  Demonstration?

The obliteration of the Tamil community took place in Sri-Lanka due to the treacherous play of the political parties of Tamil Nadu,   under the leadership of the strangers. And those powers which are against the Tamils and  enjoy in obliterating the  Tamil community  in Sri Lanka, are now planning to execute  the same destructive task in Tamil Nadu also with the help of the strangers.

In this circumstance, to whom can we appeal?

The only way is to appeal to God Almighty who is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, ‘Prayer – Demonstration’ is being conducted to make this to be known by everyone according to our constitution. In continuation of the said three ‘Prayer – Demonstrations’

4). Fourthly,  on 16-6-2011;

5). Fifthly, on 16-7-2011;

6). Sixthly,  on 16-8-2011;

7). Seventhly,  on 16-9-2011;

8). Eighthly, on 16-10-2011;

9). Ninthly, on 16-11-2011;

10). Tenthly, on 16-12-2011;

11). Eleventhly, on 16-1-2012;

12). Twelfthly, on 16-2-2012;

13). Thirteenthly, on 16-3-2012;

14). Fourteenthly, on 16-4-2012

Prayer – Demonstrations of the Religion of the Tamils, appealing to Almighty God that ‘Tamil Nadu should be ruled by the Tamils alone’, were conducted near Panagal park, Saidapet, Chennai, with the permission of the police department.

15). Fifteenthly on 16-5-2012, prayer demonstration is to be conducted in the same venue at the same time.

These Prayer – Demonstrations are being conducted by the ‘ Assembly of Wisdom on Soulolgy‘ (ஆன்மவியல் ஞான சபை) , a spiritual wing of the ‘Federation of All Self – Esteem Tamils’ which unites all the religions on the basis of the principle of  ‘One Community – One God’.  This Assembly gathers on every Sunday at 7.00 pm and offers prayers that ‘Tamil Nadu should be ruled by the Tamils alone’.

Part – II


  Are you a Tamilian?                                                                                        Kindly think over it.

Telugu people are ruling Telugu state. Kannadigas ruling Kannada state (Karnataka) and

Malayalies ruling Malayala state (Kerala). But,

 Why  is it that Tamil Nadu alone is being ruled by people who are non Tamils?

 The strangers who had invaded Tamil Nadu and captured the lands and properties of the Tamils and ruled the Tamils by oppressing and suppressing are living with all the facilities in Tamil Nadu and are still ruling Tamil Nadu.

Who is to be blamed?

In India, a country where monarchial rule has been replaced by democracy, it becomes crystal clear that the Tamils are to be blamed for the situation of a non Tamil ruling Tamil Nadu which has its majority as the Tamils. What is the reason for this? There is no unity amidst the Tamils.

Why is there no unity?

Amongst the Tamils there are three classifications and they are 1) Forward community 2) Backward community and 3) Oppressed and suppressed community (SC/STs):

1). Just like Karuna and Douglas Devananda who hold ministerial positions in Sri Lankan Government, those who betrayed and backstabbed the Tamils, Tamil language, Tamil culture and the religion of the Tamils to the strangers are labeled as Forward community.

2) Common People who don’t bother about the rulers ‘whether it is Rama or Ravana’ are in the Backward Community; and

3). Just like the Tamils who opposed and fought against the Singhalese being tormented and placed under wired fences, the Tamils of Tamil Nadu who fought against the strangers were oppressed and suppressed and labeled as Scheduled Caste (SC / STs).

All the said three classifications have further been divided into sub castes. And making use of these caste divisions the strangers are making sure that the Tamils are not getting united and dividing and ruling them.

Elimination of caste discrimination – Means of liberation:

Due to these segregations, a shameful situation of labeling those who betrayed Tamils as ‘upper caste’ and an atrocious situation of labeling those who fought against the strangers as the ‘Lower caste’ arose and exist till date in Tamil Nadu in the name of caste system. Without rectifying the said problem we cannot bring unity among the Tamils.  And without uniting the Tamils the rule of the strangers can never be removed. Because of this caste discrimination that was forced upon the Tamils in the name of religion, People like Thanthai Periyaar,  Dr. Ambedkar and other Self-Esteem dignitaries fought for the emancipation of the suppressed and oppressed, and have recommended to become atheists /to undergo religious conversion,  to be freed from humiliation based on their birth in the name of religion.

During their period following research finding i.e., ‘Hinduism’ (‘Hindutva’ / caste discrimination) is entirely different from ‘Hindu Religion’ known as ‘Tamilar Samayam’ , was not unveiled.

But the reports of the truth that the principle of ‘Hinduism’ which is the basis of this caste discrimination is different from the ‘Tamil religion’ or the ‘Hindu religion’ had not been exposed.

‘Hinduism’ (‘Hindutva’) – Principles of Law of Manu:

Hinduism is not a religion.  It refers to the principle of Law of Manu, a law book devised in Aryavardha. It is about caste discrimination. History reveals that the term ‘Hinduism’ (‘Hindutva’) is nothing but a new name given to the principles of  Law of Manu, by the British.

The Hindu law which was devised by the British in 1794, on the basis of the Hindutva principle still  presents  in the constitution of India.  Unlike Islam and Christianity ‘Hindu religion’ has no place in the constitution of India, but ‘Hinduism’ alone.  Due to which the ‘Hindu religion’ has been entangled and over shadowed by Hinduism, and principle of caste discrimination is being preserved by the constitution of India.

Hindu Religion – Religion of the Tamils

Hindu religion is nothing but the Religion of the Tamils i.e. Saivism and Vaishnavism, the religions of  the bhakthi movement in Tamil Nadu that developed on the basis of Thirukkural, known as ‘Tamil Marai’ (Scripture of the Tamils) in which there is no room for caste discrimination. History reveals that the term Hindu religion was coined during the reign of the British to denote the ‘Religion of the Tamils’.

Hindu religion is a beautiful mansion built by our ancestors based on the principles of Thirukkural. But dangerous venomous serpents known as ‘Hinduism’ have taken their shelter in this mansion. So it is not necessary for us to become atheists by throwing stones on the mansion due to the hatred on those snakes , or to evacuate the mansion and giving it to the snakes by undergoing religious conversion. It is the need of the hour for catching those snakes and sending them either to forests or to snake sanctuary to restore the original beautify of our mansion. It becomes necessary to separate and remove the principle of Hinduism from the Hindu religion and form separate Hindu religious law based on the principles of Hindu religion similar to Christian and Islamic religious law. Only then Hindu religion can be liberated from the clutches of the principle of Hinduism and could stand with its head held high in the world like other religions. Steps are being taken towards this goal.

Soulology  of the Tamils on the Path of Science:

When a separate law for the Hindu religion is devised and when it is freed from the principle of the Hinduism, then there won’t be any need for the self – Esteem Tamils who hate caste discrimination, either to become atheists or to observe religious conversion. To understand this concept, Soulology of the Tamils, that explains God scientifically is helping.  Soulology of the Tamils, that ratifies the existence of God scientifically beyond religions occurs in none of the languages and religions of the world but only in Tamil .

Glory of the Tamil language, Religion of the Tamil, and Soulology of the Tamils are hidden through the ages till date. Tamils ought to realize that Tamil Nadu should be ruled by the Tamils in order that the said hidden glories of the Tamil language, Religion and Soulology will be disclosed to the world society and it will have the benefit of the fruits of Soulology of the Tamils.


Those who want to refute the said research findings on the basis of research are welcome.



Tamil nadu should be ruled by the Tamils alone