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who are the Aryans?

Who are the Aryans ?


Until 18th century, apart from India the term ‘Aryan’ does not occur in any of the world literature including European literature. Though Europeans claim that they belong to Aryan race, we do not find even the word ‘Aryan’ in their literature until 18th century.

Generally, it is supposed that there is an Aryan race, with a very ancient history. But scrutiny of history of the ‘Aryans’ disprove many such claims of the ‘Aryans’.

The term ‘Aryan’ was coined by the Indians i.e., the Dravidians to denote the groups of foreign invaders who came into India from outside, without any religion, during various periods. They spoke different languages and entered in different groups. In Dravidian India, since the term ‘Aryan’ was used in order to identify those who are non – Dravidians, it has led to the wrong impression that there is an Aryan race in the world society. The historic fact, however, is that groups of foreigners who came with religions of their own are Israelites, Jews, Zoroastrians, Syrian Christians, Muslims and European Christians, known after the name of their religions.

The groups of foreign invaders who came without any religion of their own in various periods are Persians, Greeks, Sakas, Kushanas and Huns who were denoted by a common term ‘Aryan’ by the Indian Dravidians. The different periods of their invasion ofIndiaare as given below:

Persians – 6th c.B.C.

Greeks – 4th c.B.C.

Sakas – 2nd c.B.C.

Kushans – 1st c.A.D

Huns – 4th c.A.D

Romans – from 4th c.B.C. (Romans were not invaders but they came for Trade).

They were also included in the term ‘Aryan’ since they also came without any religion of their own.

Until 7th c.A.D. the invader groups were not united together. They were capturing and losing political power from the Indian Dravidians individually. So they were fighting against each other.

It was in 7th c.A.D. after the demise of Harsha, the last great Dravidian Emperor, the invading groups joined together and formed an United Front against Indian Dravidians at MountAbuof Rajasthan. Because of their united efforts, they were able to capture political power from the Indian Dravidians in North Indiaand they formed ‘Aryavardha’, the Kingdom of the Aryans.Treating this ‘united front’ as one race is a historical error. Amongst the Aryans of Aryavardha, three sections were developed viz., Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas.

During this period the 1) Persians 2) Greeks 3) Sakas 4) Romans 5) Kushans and the 6) Huns who came toI ndia in different periods without any religion were united as Aryans (foreigners) and were ruling. During this time, the Aryan laws like the Manudharma Sasthra, which elevate the Aryans (foreigners) as higher by birth and degrade the Dravidians (Indians) as lower by birth, were devised.



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